The International Festival of Musical Theatre is a global celebration which seeks to showcase the creativity of the world’s talented contemporary commercial musical theatre artists and productions.  With strong support from the city government of Milan, the local arts industry and Italian fashion icons well-known to the international marketplace, the Festival seeks to embrace the hubs of Broadway and the West End, as well as musical theatre art and artists around the globe, from Europe to Asia to Latin America and beyond.


A prestigious group of significant global international theatre artists and professionals who are committed to the musical theatre art form have joined the Milan Musical Festival Creative Advisory Board to provide guidance, insight and support for the Festival.


This unique annual Festival will feature awards to honor the extraordinary achievement in the worldwide musical theatre field, including performances by leading companies, juried awards, and a gala event in Milan. The Inaugural Festival and Lifetime Achievement Award Event will launch in June 2022.


The Musical has become one of the most popular forms of live entertainment in many countries on all continents.
Musical productions host millions of spectators in thousands of theatres throughout the world in many different languages.

From this, the first International Musical Festival was born, to feature a spectacular award ceremony for the artistic productions and talents who contribute every year to making the Musical great all over the world.

The stage of this event will be a city where the theatre has always been at the center of social and artistic life and where art always finds fertile ground and the ability to generate integration and mingling of cultures, in all its forms: Milan and its extraordinary theatres.

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